Please Pray for my Godmother's grandson


I ask for urgent prayers for my Godmother’s grandson, he’s just 18 years old.

I just found out that he was in a car accident on Sunday and had to be revived twice, he was in critical condition.

A little while ago my sister called and told me that she heard that he had just passed away. She is just getting bits and pieces and I haven’t been able to get a hold of my Godmother to get any information.

I pray that he is still holding on especially because he is not baptized:(, and may His will be done.

Also pray that his family is able to get through this terrible, tragic time no matter what happens, that they do not lose faith, Steven is the youngest of the family.

Please keep Steven Torres in your prayers…please:(


Praying for Steven Torres.:gopray2:


I will remember him today in my intentions.




Will pray for him.


Father, we are trusting in you now… this moment of urgency… We pray Father, that your will be done… We pray for the health of this young man and for the strength his family will need to get them through this…


Praying for Steven and his family…


May his soul and all souls through God’s Mercy rest in Peace and may The Lord comfort and console family and friends…and support them in Faith…


Just got news late last night, he is still alive, thank God.

He is in very critical condition though and is in the trauma unit at the hospital. I am going to get an update on him later today.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, please keep Steven in them still as he is not out of the woods (and pray that if he makes it out of this that he will experience a conversion of the heart and he gets baptised, he’s not a bad kid but he’s doesn’t have any kind of spiritual direction) thank you and God Bless you all.




Dear Lexee…thank you for the update and continuing to keep Steven in daily prayer…and for his conversion, although we can be assured that all people of goodwill of God’s Mercy through Jesus are on the road to Heaven - a great mystery why God gives some Faith and from another may withhold it…


I just got news about Steven, it doesn’t look good:(. My sister went to see him and she said he looks terrible with all the machines hooked up to him.

His critical care nurse told her it didn’t look good, he’s gone into cardiac arrest 3 times since he was brought in, he has lots of kidney and lung damage. They’re also very worried about what kind of damage his brain has sustained because of the injuries and the loss of oxygen to his brain during the cardiac arrests.

She told my sister that the doctors were going to get together and talk with his family later this afternoon and it wasn’t going to be good news:(.

I am so sad, I think having a son and a nephew really makes this hit home. Even though they’re still little…so was Steven, I knew him before he was born:(.

I am praying for a miracle, please pray for a miracle with me. There’s got to be a reason why he keeps fighting to stay alive, according to the nurse it’s a miracle that he is still alive and God’s grace that his cardiac arrests have been while he was in the hospital otherwise he wouldn’t be with us.

Please God, let him be a miracle, let him be the witness this family needs to turn to you, hold on to you and never let you go, please I pray. His mother does not believe in God, that’s why he’s not baptized, the other two kids are because their dad got her to allow it but, she just wouldn’t budge when it came to Steven, please keep him in your prayers, thank you.


Praying for everyone dealing with this situation. I’m so sorry about this.


Thank you for this update, and will pray for a miracle with humility and hope…


Update on Steven:
He’s still in critical condition but he’s had movement of his fingers in one hand and he’s been moving his eyes (closed) which the doctors say is a good sign (brain activity). Praised be God that he’s not getting worse:signofcross: :gopray2: .

My sister said that the mass today was for him and that his family was all there. I pray that’s a sign that they’re coming together instead of fighting.

Thank you all for your prayers till now, please don’t stop he and his family still need them, thanks.


Dear God: Please hold this family in your loving hands, specially Steven. May they keep together and find comfort in you in this time of need.:gopray2:



Thank you for this update and good to know that there are some good signs. Deo Gratius. Rest assured he remains in my prayers.


Here’s another update on Steven.

I just found out that he had to have one of his legs amputated:( . Apparently his leg was stuck in the car wreckage and somehow the rescue team unstuck it, but it was terribly damaged.

The doctors said it wasn’t healing and it was taking too much from the rest of his body. In other words, the rest of him wasn’t healing like it could be because the leg was wasting that healing energy.

I was so sad to hear that:( , he’s so young, but I guess if it means saving his life then losing a limb is a sacrifice that has to be made, it’s still so sad.

Please continue to pray for him and his family, a heartfelt thanks.


Just wanted to thank you all for your prayers for Steven. Looks like he’ll be coming home soon, of course his recovery process will go on for quite some time, but he’s alive!!!

I firmly believe that it was His will and all your prayers that brought him back from the brink of death. There was just so much damage that it is a MIRACLE that he lived through the accident!!!

Thank you all again, I will pray that God gives him the strength to overcome the loss of his leg and that Steven lives his life honoring God for this second chance at life.


All of that and his own fighting spirit. Keeping Steven in prayer daily…

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