Please pray for my godson


Hi Everyone,

I really need your help. My nephew/godson was recently accepted into the seminary. He is absolutely excited.
For the last month or so, he has been travelling around the state doing Totus Tuus and he is loving it. Last week he did one of the presentations and immediately after that, a young girl came up to them and said that she wanted to go to confession. She could not wait till the normal confession times. So they got her a priest and she said her confession.

That night, my nephew had a nightmare. It was of a demonic face telling him “You’re faith is too weak!” He woke up and went to use the restroom only to find that his nose was bleeding and he began to vomit and, well shall we say, suffering from intestinal distress.
The nightmares, vomiting and distress have been happening ever since.

He believes he is under spiritual attack and I have to say I believe him.

So please please please pray for him!!! All the help he can get, I know he will be grateful for!



He may need medical intervention as well as prayer intervention. Sounds like some serious kind of bug has got him and may be causing the weird dreams as well. Prayers for his quick and speedy recovery and spiritual journey as well.


I am praying for him.


Praying for him.:gopray:


I will begin praying immediately for him!! :gopray:


Wow! If God is allowing those things to happen to him, it just might be to help prepare him to be a future saint. I will pray for him indeed. These trials remind me a lot about the stories Fr. Corapi tells about his journey into the priesthood.


:gopray2: I am praying for him.


I will pray for him. By the way, my children attended Totus Tuus a few weeks ago, and loved the program.




Praying for for your godson. :gopray2:


Prayers for him - make sure he sees a doctor to rule out any physical ailments. :gopray2:




I will pray for your godson.


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