Please pray for my grandma


She is very ill in a hospital with pneumonia and had said she wanted to meet my children before she passes away. They are the only great grandchildren she has never met (my oldest is about 1 yr and 1/2).


I was thinking about my Grandma (died 2 years ago December) today and then I saw your post… of coursre I’ll pray for her. But what am i’m praying for? that your children have an opportunity to meet her before she passes away? I’m also going to pray for you! as any death in the family is a hard thing to endure… I dont know you and your family (grandma), but do me a favour and say a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for her Soul in her prescence… I’ll do one also. MY thoughts and prayers are with you, 'kay?


praying as soon as i saw the title…


Thank you for your prayers, Lion and Princess Abby, I really appreciate them. I will pray for your Grandma’s soul, Lion, and I will say a Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Sorry my message was so short and not that clear. I was getting ready to leave for Saturday Mass when I found out. I came here quick and posted because the first thing my grandma asked for was prayers and I know there are a lot of prayer warriors here.
I am asking for prayers for both her health and that we may get to see her and she meet the babies. She lives 1500 miles away. We are praying that she will get better and we can go see her. She is in her early eighties and was pretty healthy (she had had lung cancer but the cancer was removed and the dr’s found her to be doing great now). We have been trying to see each other for a while, but things keep happening. She was actually going to come see our family, but it just has not worked out. I’ve moved twice since Sept (and will be moving again) and she had a scare that landed her in the hospital for a little (she was going to go camping with my aunt and cousins and her cars breaks went out, she finally got it to stop and then the car and camper caught fire, she wasn’t injured but it left her shaky).

What scared me was that when I called her the first thing she said was that she was not well and really needs prayers (sounded weak too). The other times she had been sick (cancer, etc) she has always sounded very positive. This time she sounded very scared and weak. She’s my dad’s mom (he died when I was little) and its hard to explain this but I always worry about showing her how much we love her and care because I know my dad would have wanted to show this to his mom.

Thank you for your prayers.


Praying, hon.


Praying here too… Hope everything turns out ok and you get to visit soon…


Thank you all for your prayers!!!

My grandma is feeling much better (she even had some Dairy Queen ice cream) :slight_smile: She thinks she will be leaving the hospital soon.

Now we are just figuring out when/how to go see her :slight_smile:


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