Please pray for my great-aunt with alzheimer's/dementia

Her grandson recently got legal guardianship, and my great-aunt thinks her grandson and son-in-law are out to get her money (several pieces of real estate) and “stick her in a nursing home” (it’s actually an Assisted Living community). She’s very anxious, and is calling people on the phone left and right (other family members, new lawyers, etc.).

To make a long story short, she started losing her memory a short time before her daughter died (my favorite aunt), and after my aunt died, her grief made it much worse. She also lost a grandson in 2002/2003. Her surviving grandson was given gaurdianship last month during a court hearing, and my great-aunt got to change her will. The problem is, her alzheimer’s is making her forget she changed it, and that she wanted to go to court to get the will changed. The dementia is making her really anxious because she keeps thinking everyone’s after her money. She also forgets that every time she sees a doctor, she throws (even childlike) temper tantrums, and then wonders why they think she’s a bit out of it (by which she then thinks it’s all a conspiracy against her - obviously the dementia). She even wants to blackmail her grandson by using the media – given her state of mind, they probably wouldn’t listen. She also said she “just might walk out one day and not return”, then 5 minutes later forget she even said that.

(The fact that both my great-aunt and her grandson are genetically identical, stereotypical “hot-headed-sharp-wit” Germans makes for… interesting… phone call exchanges. They turn into an hour of arguing.)

Who’s the patron saint for those with mental illnesses? Saint Dimphna? I read up a bit about it the other day.

Also, my other great-aunt who’s in her 90s (as well as her husband - both devout Catholics and Italians) has pains in her legs, and sometimes bleeds in the bathroom. Despite that, she’s still going strong, but I’d like to have a prayer request for her, too.

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