Please pray for my hands


**Many of you know that I have bad Fibromyalgia.

My hands are starting to be affected by this in a big way. I can barely use them first thing in the morning. It doesn’t improve much throughout the day.

They have worsened over just the past few months.

Please pray they don’t worsen anymore. So that I don’t fall even farther behind with housekeeping and all, and can still do at least some things for my husband.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


:gopray: I will definitely pray for your hands to heal and be strong! You poor thing, that sounds so painful.:frowning: You’re doing your Purgatory here on earth so that you can skip right into Heaven when the time comes. :thumbsup:


Prayers for good health for you, and strength to handle not-so-good-health too :hug1:


**Oh I am so sorry! I have been through that too. Good news is that they improved. Hopefully yours will too. But it’s so hard when you can’t do things like open a doorknob or turn on a faucet. I pray that it’s a temporary thing and goes away quickly!!!

p.s this may be a way to force you to slow down… you may need to catch up on sleep and recover some energy?



**Aww Malia! I know I can always count on you! :hug1:

And thanks to all my other prayer warriors! :grouphug:

It just seems like I loose more and more. And past experience proves that I never get what is “lost” back. Sometimes it improves slightly, but not normally.

My husband always says that I need to not do so much. But, truth be known, I really don’t do ANYTHING. My house is a mess, I only shower every other day, and I sleep like 10/12 hours a day at least.

Do less? Is it possible? I look around and see how other twenty five year olds act. I feel like their grandmothers. :frowning: But I am sure you understand this all to well. You are always in my thoughts Malia. Blessings to you and yours.


I keep hoping this. Or that I help someone else out instead! :thumbsup:


:hug1: Thanks! I really needed this! :slight_smile:


Oh yes! One day you’ll be absolutely amazed at just how much you accomplished during this time of your life! :slight_smile:



Prayers for you C99… I’m so sorry you have to deal with that pain.


Praying for you, Convert. :hug1:


Prayers here.


I’m praying for you Convert…I also sent you a pm.


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