Please pray for my health! Something on my mammogram

I had my annual mammogram today and an ultrasound of my left breast because of discharge. It turns out I have something in one of my milkducts.Could be a polyp or…
I will have to undergo further testing. Please pray that everything will turn out okay.
Thank you!
Maria Rose

I will pray for you Maria Rose. Try not to worry - I am sure everything will be ok.

:gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:

And don’t panic!! It is fairly common for irregularities to show up.
I had a whole row of little calcium deposits that scared me half to death…That was 20 years ago, & the docotors watched them, & they all resolved themselves. Sometimes it is a little fluid, too.
God bless.

its is scary, and we will be praying, even tho we know 90% of the time these things are benign, it is just plain scary. you reminded me of the first time I had a bad mammogram, went in for a biopsy, had to wait for results, which weren’t ready after a long trip downtown, time off work etc. I lost it in the parking garage and had a meltdown. A beautiful elderly Mennonite couple saw me, came over and embraced me, and simply prayed with me. I don’t even remember what they said, just their kindness and faith. The incident was instrumental in my own turn away from reliance on my own strength and abilities to trust in God, and return to spiritual health. Hope this whole episode turns out to be one of spiritual healing for you, as well as reassurance about your physical health.

I will be praying for you. I have been through same sort of madness 3 times. I have a mother who has survived breast cancer and is 80 years old. Her mother also had breast cancer and lived to be 87. My sisters and I wonder when it will be our turn. The trick is to not let the fear consume you and to pray, pray, pray. Good Luck!

My prayers for you and everyone in this forum :gopray2:

Please pray for an urgent special intention of mine.

hi everyone,
thank you so much for your kind posts and prayers. I haven’t heard anything new from my doctor so I have no update yet. I pray every day and entrust my life to the Lord.
Thanks again.
God Bless!
Maria Rose

That is a wonderful attitude maria rose and a good reminder for all of us since nobody knows what tomorrow might bring. But we remain hopeful & optimistic always & trust that God loves us all so very much.

Here’s to your health,
CM :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,
The Doctor Called Today. The Mammogram Was Fine- No Malignancies! Praise God Allmighty! He Wants Me To Do A Ductogram To Look Closely At That Thing In My Milk Duct. He Suspects It’s A Polyp, But Wants To Be Sure. Anyone Ever Done This Ductogram?
As Far As I Know They Inject Contrast Into The Duct And Than Do A Special Xray.yuck,no Fun.
I’ll Offer Up This Experience For All Souls In Purgatory. Thanks For Your Prayers And Kind Words.
Maria Rose:)

Maria Rose, I have not had this test, however, I have had an xray (in my case,of a kidney) done with the contrast injection…It feels very weird, but not painful.Uncomfortable is the worst I would call it.
Don’t stress, just keep up the positive attitude. It really sounds worse than what it is. (Most tests are,:slight_smile: I think!)

I am so glad to hear from you again, & that things continue to be looking up for you. You are in my prayers!

Praying not.

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