Please pray for my husband and I to conceive our first child


Hello every one
I’m new on this site, I joined today. My husband is 25 and I am 24, we married on the 14th of September 2009, a great date according to the priest. Our ceremony was fantastic and we know the lord is with our couple since forever.
We accepted the responsability of husband and wife and … parents to raise a family in faith.
We have been trying for nine months to conceive a child with no success.
I’m feeling lost and I talk to God, asking him just to show me why we are not getting pregnant, I don’t think it is health related, although we’ve never done any serious tests, both my husband and me show normal signs of fertility.

So, I’m here asking for help by prayers.
I want a child desperately but I’m looking for answers as to why it is taking time and I need to find the courage to accept the answers that God will show me.



Congratulations on your marriage. Sometimes, it takes a while for pregnancy to happen, even with full knowledge of your fertility cycle, do not despair.

Have you thought about using natural family planning to take most advantage of your most fertile times? NFP can help you become pregnant, and then help you space your children if desired. The best part is it helps a woman become more aware of her body.

If you search NFP, you can find some very informative discussions.


Praying that you will soon get a BFP and have a happy healthy 9 months.


Joanne, I am praying for you and your husband.




I strongly recommend NFP as well. I’ll give you a secret, when my wife was born, her parents too could not conceive, and her mother did a novena to the Blessed Mother promising to name her child after the Virgin. On the 9th day of her novena, she conceived her. My wife was given her name. And we share that message to the couples who come to our church for marriage prep too. God is good!!! Please Blessed Mother, help this young people in their desire to become parents. May all good things come to them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


(Pray to St. Gerard. He is awesome in this department.)

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb,
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Praying for you and your husband…Congrats on your wedding, this is indeed a very exciting time for you both…


Here’s the prayer to St Gerard.

For Motherhood:
O good St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before the throne of God, wonder-worker of our day, I call upon you and seek your help. While on earth, you always fulfilled God’s designs; help me, too, always do God’s holy will. Beseech the master of life, from whom all parenthood proceeds, to bless me with offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the kingdom of God’s glory in the life to come.


:gopray: :gopray2:


Thanks you all for your paryers, thank you.
Thanks God I ‘accidentally’ found such a wonderful site.
I will try the novena to St Gérard.
The Blessed Mother is the Virgin Mary right? Sorry to ask such a dumb question, in my country there are other names given to her for example, the crowned virgin holding her child with her left arm and a septre in her right hand is called - Our Lady of The Great Power - sorry the translation is strange, in french it is ‘Notre Dame du Grand Pouvoir’.
We also have ‘Our Lady of Delivery’ - ‘Notre Dame de La Délivrance’ (a picture is present in all maternity wards of catholic clinics of the Island).
I, due to my mother’s forgetfulness, did not have the chance to be named after Mary, in our country, most catholic girls’ first name is Mary.
Mine is Ruth.

Again, thanks a lot for your support. Thanks to the Lord!


I thank God for your joyful enthusiasm and faith, and I ask God to bless you and your husband, and your lives together with many wonderful blessings, including your children.

You are very welcome in this forum.
Warm thoughts, Trishie


Joanne keep on in prayer everyday and never get discouraged . God hears your prayer and he will answer in his time. My sister in law was in despair as she had a number of miscarriages and was hurt from the loss and cried for the lost and for a new baby , we prayed for 2 years and then came the day she was pregnant and gave birth to my nephew. He is 6 months old and truly a gift from God. Lord lead Joanne to your heart and give her peace and let her trust you . Lord bring a baby into this couple’s life and bless them and the baby. I thank you my LORD, in Jesus’s name, amen . Joanne GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND, John


Continued prayers to you Joanne, many here have also have a great devotion to our Lady, including me. Will keep your intention in my prayers…


Prayers that you and your DH are blessed with a baby! :gopray2:

It took us nearly a year and a half to conceive a healthy pregnancy and we went through two miscarriages before conceiving our daughter. Sometimes it just takes some couples more time…and sometimes they just have to be more agressive to conceive. As other posters have said, using NFP can give you a lot of insight into your cycles. Also, I’d encourage you to have the dr. do some basic bloodwork to check your hormones…that was my problem and without fixing it I don’t know if I’d have successfully carried this pregnancy this far.


Hi Ruth, I’ll keep you in my prayers, and I also love St. Gerard’s (and the Blessed Mother’s intercession), but…
I bolded above a few things (I’m a proof reader from way back)…
I am sure you must have meant you got Married in 2008, and, if that is the case, you must have been trying for five months to get pregnant, right?
Otherwise, :blush: …well, nevermind, I’ll keep you in my prayers.:smiley:

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