Please pray for my husband.


He is having a really tough time at work with people who are complete opposites of his personality.He is on the brink of being offered a new job at a client where he has been very happy.It’s not about the money but the working conditions.Please pray that this job will come through.Part of the stress in our marriage, aside from the fact he is anti-Catholic has been because of his unhappiness at work.I feel that if that is resolved it will help our marriage.


I’ll pray for him. I know what it’s like to be stressed at work. Years ago I had a supervisor who made my life hell. She hated me and did her best to get me fired. At the time I was a single parent, getting no child support and I thought I would die from the stress.
I loved my work, and had gotten along with all my previous supervisors. Luckily, I was able to do a lateral transfer, and a few months later my former supervisor was fired (her entire staff had quit). I’m still there and plan to be until I’m at least 90. Retire? Not as long as I can do the work.


You and your husband are in my prayers.


Heavenly Father,

If it be your will, please grant your child’s petition for her husband. She sees how her husband is suffering through stress and tribulation. If this suffering is meant to bring this couple closer to you, then most gracious Father, grant them the strength and peace to see it through.

We ask all of this through your most Holy Son, Jesus Christ!



Praying for both of you in this situation and that of the faith differences as well.

Peace be with you,



You and your husband have my prayers :gopray:


I’ll pray for him. :gopray2:


Praying for him. :byzsoc:


I will pray for your husband.






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