Please pray for my husband


My hubby will be taking his medical board exam tomorrow. Please pray for him so that his cursor will be lead to to the right answer.:D:signofcross:


Prayers for your husband tomorrow Eliza, God bless you both!


Prayers to the Holy Spirit said for him.


I will be praying for your husband.

I can totally relate. I took my State board Exam on July 14th for the 4th time. I got my results yesterday and missed it again by 2. I am trying to accept that our Lord is obviously not in a hurry for me to pass right now one reason or another. It can be really hard to accept that I didn’t pass again but it is what it is for me right now but I still praise our Lord, Jesus, for all my other blessings.

I pray he does well, but remember it really is up to our Lord’s will, so I pray that you and your husband will accept whatever our Lord feels is good for you right now. May our Lord send many blessings to your husband with this test.

Praying…:gopray: :gopray2:


Praying for your husband…


Praying for your husband now…These exams are hard but the Lord our God can do anything.


St Luke the physician, be with this man as he takes the tests he needs to practice medicine. Pray for him to have a clear mind, and peace in his heart as he does this work. Amen


Praying for your hubby…and the cursor. May The Holy Spirit guide and inspire him…I hope he passes with flying colours…

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