Please pray for my husband's job


Please pray for my husband Michael.He is having a very difficult time at work, and has a few tough meetings coming up.There is a new job on the horizon, but many steps to get there. Please pray that God’s will will be done, and that He will produce some miraculous results. Thanks.


Prayers are on there way. :gopray2:


May God lead him to the right job for him. If he is in the job God wants for him, may it improve dramatically :)!


Knowing how office politics can be, I can well imagine. As your husband is named after St. Michael the Archangel, he may wish to ask for intercession from his name saint when facing things like upcoming meetings, as well as St. Joseph, patron saint of workers, and his guardian angel.

In prayer for Michael,

~~ the phoenix


I’ll pray asking the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for him too! :slight_smile:


A prayer to St. Joseph that worked in my job search:




I know all about job struggles and will pray to St. Joseph for your husband.


:gopray2: :gopray2:


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