Please Pray for my Journey



I begin my RCIA classes this Sunday (I’m so excited!), and will start my 8-month journey to Confirmation during Easter weekend.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for my glorious journey to Christ and the Church.

God bless!


Wow–how wonderful!!! Praise be to God…I wish you well in your journey…and my prayers are for you to open yourself to all of God’s love and possibilities for your journey. And for you to empty yourself, as a vessel, to be ready and willing to always follow and do God’s will.

. :byzsoc:


I am VERY excited to receive my “gift” upon my Confirmation. I am also researching saint’s names … it’s hard to choose!:smiley:

Thank you, and God bless!


Yes, I will pray for you today.

I start RCIA in two weeks. :thumbsup:


Well then, I will pray for your journey too!:smiley:


Praying for you and all RCIA candidates at my next rosary


Praying for you and all others in RCIA. :signofcross:


Congratulations! What a blessed and wonderful time for you…will keep you in prayer…


Praying for your journey…


Praying for you.



Heavenly Father, bless this woman on her journey. May she know that You will always be there with her. In Jesus’ name I pray. :signofcross:


I’ll pray for you and remember you at Mass.


You guys are great, thanks again for your prayers!

The first day was fun, just like a first day of school (which it was in its own way)!:smiley:

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