Please Pray for my Marriage


Hi, I’m totally new here.
I have a marriage that has slowly been falling apart for many many years. I really need strength just to hold it together, but the hurt, the pain and the neglect, is fast getting the better. Why does it have to be so hard and painful - all these years just gets too much
My husband just has not grown up or matured.
Lord I pray for courage and strength.


Praying for you and all marriages. Its where the devil has the most impact, on marriages and family life.
God bless


Praying for you. :gopray:


Aww…I will add you to my morning prayer list.


By the way, welcome to the Forums! I have had marriage problems as well and have found lots of care, concern and great advice on here and also, most importantly… prayers.
Keep posting. It’s very cathartic.


Prayers on the way. But here also is a link perhaps to help you on your journey of faith.

Also try the newly launched website from the US Catholic Council of bishops.


Fuzzled, I will add you both to my prayer. God works miracles everyday. Don’t give up hope!!! :heaven:





Father, please come to the aid of fuzzled and her husband. Help them to understand that You should be at the center. Amen.

Keep praying fuzzled, and maybe your husband will see your happiness in your faithfulness and he will want that for himself. Don’t nag, or even urge, but ask him to “include” himself in daily prayers. Perhaps all he needs is to be invited. That’s kind of the way it was for me. As I was became more attracted to my wife I realized that her faith (I’m a convert) was one of those things that attracted me to her…and I wanted what she had.

Peace and God’s blessings be with you both.


Praying for your marriage.


I am praying for you!




My prayers for you.




Praying for you again today!! Don’t give up…sit very still and listen to God… He does answer prayer.


Praying for your marriage. Praying for you to have the grace and strength you need also.


Having somewhat of a disappointing year myself w/ my DH. As we have only been married 3 yrs in October I find that disconcerting myself. It has created doubt abt God’s promise to me for another child. So given that you didn’t need any of that info let me pray for you.

I pray to our Heavenly Father,

that He would lift you up in the morning and keep his hand in the small of your back each night. That He would embrace you as His bride and relieve any expectations of your husband and protect your heart from becoming hardened. He has called each of us who are married to the other spouse for a purpose. God the Father help each of us to lift up our disappointment and pain as a suffering aside that of Jesus. You know our hearts desire what is heavenly now, so as we pursue that help us to see the glimpses of it that might escape us.





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I too am going through problems with my marriage and my husband has seperated from me. He now lives with his friend for the past 3 weeks. I suggested Retrouville. It is a weekend for troubled marriages and to rebuild your relationship. I gave my husband the brochure and am hoping he will attend to save our love. My prayers are with you and may God Bless you through this journey.

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