Please Pray for my misdeed


Please pray for a young lady that I lost my temper with today!!!

Although it is not an excuse for my behavior, I quit smoking 10 days ago, I own a small business that is suffering from the poor economy and we will likely have to close. Apparently this has caused me to have a shorter temper than I ever expected.


praying :gopray:


I ask God to welcome you in your humanity and in your repentance. I ask Him to help you with your difficulties…and that He will heal the heart of the young woman who was the ‘beneficiary’’ of your stress.

I’ll pray for you both at Mass today. God grant you both peace :slight_smile:


Praying for you, I have the same problem where I easily get upset with others when under stress…Peace…


Praying for you (and your business) and her.




My wife gave up smoking about a year ago and she still loses her temper with me!:slight_smile:
You are in my prayers, and congratulations. Don’t quit! (I mean, don’t give up).


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