Please pray for my missing father

My dad and his partner went on holiday to Greece 3 weeks ago, was meant to be a 2 week trip, and I haven’t been able to contact them since. I am starting to worry, and am unsure whether to report them as missing persons yet - that seems to be the only way I can find out any information as everything is under ‘data protection’ over here even though I’m next of kin. I’m really worried, not least because my dad is not in the faith, and his partner is an atheist. I worry for them. Please pray for them, both in the short term to show up safe, and for them to come to know the Lord.

Praying I hope you here from them!

I’m so sorry to hear this. Your family must be worried sick. Of course I will pray for him and his friends.

He showed up today, thanks be to God!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers.

Witness also to the intercession of St Andrew, patron of both Greece (where he was) and Scotland (where he is now).

Turns out I’d just put the date of his return in my calendar wrong.

I’m pretty much the only family my dad has, and he’s pretty much the only family I have too.

Keep praying for him though - I’m a recent convert from the Church of Scotland, and my dad’s a non-practicing sort-of-believer.

I am so glad he’s home! Give him a hug for us, too!:slight_smile:

With prayers for your father’s safe return Home to the Catholic Church!

~~ the phoenix

May God’s sheep return home when they are ready.

So glad to hear you located him.

Praying for your father’s intentions today. :gopray:

I am glad to hear of your father’s safe return, now I will pray for his safe return “home” to Jesus!

What a relief to see your father come home safely. He is in my prayer.

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