Please pray for my mom after stroke


Please pray for my mom, Helen. She had a slight stroke this week, and evidently has had some others that were even smaller. Physically she is doing very well. Mentally she is very stressed by the whole ordeal and somewhat confused. She does live alone. Pray for mental clarity for her. Thank you so very much.


Praying for your mother.


Dearest Father, hear our humble prayers… Grant peace of mind to Helen along with her physical well being… We fully trust in you Father… You are the divine healer and physician… In Jesus name I pray… AMEN


Praying for your mom…


May the Lord’s blessed healing mercy be upon your mother. Since He loved her from the beginning of time, may you entrust her completely to His merciful embrace. Lord, restore her to peace, both within herself, and with You, who are in Heaven. Amen.





Thank you to all of you who have prayed. The confusion is less, but the anxiety is bad. She is very mad that she can not drive. She can not take most meds that would help the anxiety because of problems with drugs in the past. May God bless you for taking the time to pray.


We must rely upon Heavenly medication! Tell mom that breathing is a blessing. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake of life. Remind her of every time she drove and was frustrated-that this is God’s way of giving her a break, time for her to turn to Him and give thanks. She is in my prayers. God bless the both of you.

Christ’s peace.


Will keep your Mom in prayer


I’m continuing to pray for your mom…

Lord, Divine Healer and Physician… We trust in you to heal us when we are sick. Only you have the power… God, help this woman’s doctors to find the proper medications to ease her anxiety… In Jesus name… AMEN


Praying for healing for your mom and comfort for your family!:signofcross:


I have had 2 minor ones. She will be followed closely by her doctor for a short period, then once a course of treatment is settled on, she will resume her life. Praying


Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and wise words.

Please pray for me through all of this. The stress has caught up with me big time. I can’t even make it to Mass today I am so weak. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the past, and it is here again.

Your prayer support holds me up.


Keeping you in prayer. Chronic fatigue syndrome I know is dreadfully debilitating…


:gopray2: :gopray: :gopray:


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