Please pray for my mom's friend

I am asking for prayers for Pam, one of my mom’s closest friends. Her doctor just discovered a large mass in her breast, and she doesn’t know how serious it is yet. Please keep her in prayer as she awaits a diagnosis. Thank you all so much.


Krisy I can imagine you Mom is very upset for Pam. I will keep her and Pam in my prayers. Asking St Therese’s mother Blessed Zelie Martin to pray for Pam, as Zelie had breast cancer…but before the wonders of modern medicine which we pray will give Pam healing.
God bless you Krisy

LORD Jesus
Heal ur Daughter

St. Peregrine, please pray with us. May Krisy’s mom’s friend receive Your healing touch, dear Jesus. Heal her physically and spiritually, and comfort her with Your eternal love, on this earth and at the eternal banquet of joy. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :harp:

Praying for Pam…

Prayers promised for her physical and emotional health.



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