Please pray for my mother and I

My mother is suffering from an unknown source of dementia and her doctor refuses to see her. At this point, her problem is not life threatening, but when an 81 year old woman is sick, I think her primary care physician should be concerned. She refuses to see another doctor, but after tomorrow she will have no other choice. I won’t go into the probable diagnosis as I think it is prohibited by forum rules.

PLEASE pray for her recovery and a doctor who will care for the state of her health.

I have my own problem tolerating stress. I can’t understand how someone who has supposedly dedicated their life to caring for people can leave a old lady to die due to lack of medical care (to the extent of their knowledge). I don’t have the mental strength to tolerate such imcompetence in a health care professional and, unfortunately, my mother is the one who has to suffer. She is my only relative and, at this point, after she is gone, I’ll have nothing to live for. God and the Church are not of comfort to me at this time.

PLEASE pray for me.

My prayers for you, your mother and doctors past and future!

I pray for your mother and yourself. I pray that she’ll get the right attention from her doctor. :gopray:

Thank you, Lily. I know I can always count on you at this time of night or day. :slight_smile:

Pshaw, tweren’t nothin’ :o :tiphat:

Prayers for your mother, her doctors and you are on their way!:gopray2:

I’d like to thank everyone who prayed for my mother. She’s made a full recovery.

I was never able to get her in to see her doctor, so we have no idea what was wrong with her. After her recovery, he prescribed an antibiotic. WOW!!!:rolleyes:

This guy has been my doctor in the PAST, also. No longer. I can find another doctor just like I found him. This is the second time I’ve had this kind of trouble with him and I going to greatly reduce the chance of a third tantrum on his part.

Thanks all. :thumbsup:

Leah, I have been there, with a doctor who:( cared little or nothing for his elderly patients. You are doing the right thing, & I pray that you may find a physician for yourself & for your mother.:byzsoc:

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