Please pray for my mother.


I am facing the most difficult decision of my life; I have to put my Mom in an Assisted Living Facility. In the last 3 weeks my Mother Mercedes [77 year old] has forgotten the names of my four daughters, is not able to carry a conversation. PLEASE pray for her and for me to do the right thing ,and that the LORD helps me find her a good place where she willl be safe and loved.:frowning:


My prayers are being said…



You & your Mother will be in my prayers! May God give you strength, wisdom & a spirit of peace.



I will pray for your mother and you.


Praying for you and your mother. :gopray:



Pray this a bit, as a boon.

Prayer to Saint Anthony, Consoler of the Afflicted:

Dear Saint Anthony, comforting the sorrowful is a Christian duty and a work of mercy. By word, attitude, and deed I should try to brighten their days and make their burden easier to bear. Saint Anthony, Consoler of the Afflicted, may I remember when helping someone in sorrow that I am helping Christ Himself. Kindly mention my pressing needs to Him.:hug3:


Praying for you and your mother.:gopray:


Praying for you, your mother, and your family at these difficult and emotional times. May you have the strength and courage to do what is right for all of you with compassion and grace. God Bless.




Dear Lord, I pray that You give Your peace to all involved in this situation. Lead them to the right decision. In Jesus Name we pray.


I will pray for your family!




THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. Your prayers mean a lot.
May God Bless all of you.


You and your mother have my prayers.


I pray to Jesus christ our Lord and god that she may be safe and happy in a loving a caring environment God bless.


She and your family are in my prayer. I pray that the place she stays will have Catholic group coming to visit her.

Today, I and my friends from Legion of Mary visited Nursing Home and we had Communion. The elders were very happy that we prayed the Rosary together plus received the Communion.


You have my prayers as well.


My prayers are with you, your Mother and your family at this time.:gopray:

God Bless…



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