Please pray for my mother's root canal

My mother was having a bad toothache. She went to the dentist today. He said that one of the roots in her tooth is infected, and she needs a root canal. He is sending her to a specialist. Her appointment is tomorrow. She has a lot of anxiety about dentists and is not good about handling pain from dental procedures. I would appreciate prayers for her and for the dentist. Thank you very much. :blessyou:

I will pray for her! I just developed a toothache today too :frowning: It’s no fun! I hope everything goes well and her dentist is very careful and gentle with her.

Thank you for your prayers. I will also pray for you, so that you do not need any painful dental procedures yourself. :gopray2:

And I will pray for the both of you!


Thank you! :blessyou:

I’ll pray for your Mom, and for God to guide the dentist’s hands. :slight_smile:

Lord, wise and merciful, hear our prayers.

Ug, I feel for her.

I’ve got a dead tooth I need to have removed. It’ll be my second.

Note: Bar fights in college will catch up to you later.

Praying all fears and anxieties about the process are comforted soon. For your mom and your family. Peace.

Thank you all for your prayers. The procedure went well. She is not having severe pain since she was given medicine for the pain. The swelling is not bad, either. The dentist was very knowledgeable and worked efficiently. He told her that she was a great patient. I appreciate all the prayers. :slight_smile: :blessyou:

I’m glad she is doing ok.

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