Please pray for my mum

Please pray for my mother as she is going insane.
My aunt got late unset schizophrenia & my grandma has manic depression.
my mother has always been a bit moody & odd but this last year & a half she has gotten worse. Her personality has changed & she lives in her own little world.
Sometimes she doesn’t even act like an adult - giggling & being immature which is embarrassing in public.
I just want her to be normal again.

Praying hard for your mom and your aunt.:crossrc:

Has she seen a doctor?? A lot of mental illness can he helped with medication. I will pray for you and her now.


Your mom is in my prayers…

Praying she gets the help she needs.


she use to see a psychiatrist but she stopped going.
we can’t do anything because she is not that bad. it took us years to get my aunt committed.
Thank you for your prayers.

Praying for your mum and also for you that God may strengthen you through this difficult times.



Praying for your family. Have you gotten medical help for your mother?

Lord hear our prayers for these intentions. Amen.

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