Please pray for my nephew Stefano

My 9 year old nephew has, I can sense, a rebel attitude towards my sister (her mother) and my mom (her gramma). This is how I and my sister interpret his continuous misbehavior. He’s now on bodybuilding (to say). I’m not saying anything about him, almost. Maybe he’s depressed deep down, or will be in the future. I really don’t want him to fall in that mental trap. I suffer from anguish, anxiety, depressions and some addictions. Mentally, I know something about this suffering. It’s a very difficult cross to carry. Please, my dear brothers and sisters, pray for him to draw him closer to the Lord.

Oh, God, please protect and guide my nephew all around his life. Don’t let him fall into depression, but if he falls, let please that be what brings him to You.

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I pray that the Lord relieves Stefano of depression and that He makes him obedient to his mother. Amen.

LORD Jesus heal and help your children.

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