Please pray for my ODD son & clueless husband


There has been absolute chaos in my home for the past 2 days due to my 15 year-old son’s ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). He is very angry and uses profanity and threats. My husband does not know how to handle this and ends up making things worse by fighting with him on his 15 year-old level. Yelling, swearing, and bullying. Yes, there’s a lot going on and I just feel helpless. Last night I couldn’t find a prayer to say for a family in crisis so I just prayed to Jesus to pour his grace and healing over my family.
I’m asking that people pray for the Tindell family, especially Scott & Tyler (not their real names, their middle names). Please pray for peace and understanding for my son and husband. I’m afraid things are going to get a lot worse since it’s only a matter of time before one of our neighbors calls the police about all the noise and fighting. It’s so shameful, I just want it to end.
In Christ,


I’ll say a rosary for you and your family.

Peace in Christ


Lord Jesus touch this family, this son this father with your love, your calm, your grace, your healing and your blessing. bring thenm a whisper of your love and more each day amen


We will pray for your son, your husband, and you in our daily prayers.

God bless all!!!


I’m leaving for morning Mass now, and will pray for your family.


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