Please pray for my SIL: revert facing family problems


SIL is a revert to the CC and is planning to baptize her baby this month in the CC. Please help me pray so her decision won’t bring problems with her and her JW family: brother (my DH) and sisters. And if problems do arise, that she has enough strength so they don’t have their way of convincing her not to do it.:gopray2:


Praying for your SIL and the child to be allowed into the Light of Christ. May the whole family be tolerant and accepting. Amen.




That’s good news about your sister-in-law coming home to the Catholic Church and planning to baptize her child! I will pray for peace in the family, asking the special intercession of John Paul II.

~~ the phoenix


She is in my prayers.




Yessisan, your SIL is in my prayers. I returned home to the CC after being a JW for 15 years, and my wife has recently decided to come home despite opposition from her JW mom. I pray that she’ll have the strength from Our Lord to deal with this situation. :signofcross:


I will keep her in my prayers.




For all who struggle with walking the path of faith,
we pray to our Lord.


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