Please pray for my sister (again)


Please keep my sister in your prayers. She is the one who left her husband…took up with a married man…and is now living with him. (he is divorced too now) I have prayed that God would lead her out of his sinful situation…I remember a compassionate priest telling me one time during a confession from several years ago, that I was overwhelmed with sin. What a powerful, yet truthful statement! He was so right, and I know she is. She can’t get out of this without our prayers…without God’s grace…I pray for her that she comes back to the Lord–100%.

Thank you for your prayers. She thanks you too…she always asks me to pray for her. She is lost and trying to find her way home, everyone.:frowning:

PS: She was coming around…then slipped back…now she is coming around again. She misses her ex husband, she told me today…I don’t think he will take her back though…not after her having a full blown relationship with another man. But…with God…we never know!:shrug: :slight_smile:


Bless her heart! It’s so hard to be lost like that. The grass isn’t always greener …PRAYING!


I’ll pray for her.


Your sister is in my prayers. :gopray:


Are there any indications in your area for an outreach program called something like Catholics Retuning? I don’t recall the verbiage, but I have seen billboards that are directed to Catholics struggling to find their way home. Recovering, returning…it will vex me all week-end. Perhaps your sister could be supported by such a community, where others are also wrestling with personal issues. Sometimes it is best to talk with others who share similar roadblocks. Sometimes those in crisis are not able to find comfort and solace from grounded friends and family still rooted in faith. Sometimes we try too hard to “capture that soul, and return it to the jar.” Perhaps she could find a Catholics returning home meeting…like a Vatican kind of 12 steps…instead of donuts and coffee, just common challenges and fellowship.

All my best for her, and my prayers as well.




Will offer her and her hubby up in my rosary. If a group isn’t available, how about taking her for a ride to the nearest church where a priest just happens to be available (hint):smiley:


It is good that she asks for prayer but you should ask her to return to the Lord , and feel sorry for what she has done and confess her sins . God tells me she needs to pray as well.

May God protect her marrage!


**Prayers for your sister!:gopray2: **


hi dalesmom–yes, that is such a true statement…how painful a lesson to learn! My dh said the same thing, but he thinks that maybe her ex would take her back. I’m not sure if she wants him back, frankly, but if she does–it will be tough. I mean…she really hurt him.

Thank you for your prayers!:slight_smile:


hi jafar–when all of this started to unravel…i told her that it is never too late to come back to the Church…to God…to confession. She goes to church at times, but doesn’t take Communion…she realizes she is in a state of mortal sin, I guess. I hope that all of these prayers…help her come back.:o Thank you.


even though she is divorced (legally)…is she still married in the eyes of God? :confused: I think she is, because from my understanding…she is in a state of adultery. She got married in a RCC church. Suppose her (ex)husband moves on with another woman? If he was abandoned by my sister, and there is no annulment…is he entitled to move on?


Prayers for her


Please discuss this in the appropriate forums. Family Life would be a good choice.


I will pray for your sister.


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