Please Pray For My Sister-In-Law Chris with Cancer


Please pray for my dear SIL who had a Mastectomy and has been going through Chemo treatments. It has been rough the past several months and she has one more Chemo session left. After that, she does not know what is in store for her, she also has a spot on one of her lungs. The Doctors are hoping that the Chemo treating her Breast Cancer will shrink the spot on her lung. She has great faith & a wonderful outlook. Please, my CAF family, keep her in your prayers. Her name is Chris.
Thanks & God Bless you all,


Lord hear our prayer. :gopray:
But not our will, but Thine be done.


I will be keeping her in my prayers, Lucania and I will put a prayer card in for her at my Church. There will be many other’s praying for her too.

Please keep us posted on how she is doing.





I will say a rosary for Chris God Bless you and your family


May Chris and family have fears and anxieties calmed by God’s loving grace and compassion. May bodily health be hers and may her heart and spirit be comforted at this difficult time in her life. Amen.


For all those in need of physical (and spiritual) healing,
we pray to you Lord. :gopray:


:signofcross: :gopray:


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