Please pray for my sister in law, fertility and loss of dog

Please pray for my sister in law . I have 2 prayer requests . The first one is that our Father will bless SAL AND MARCIE with a beautiful baby or babies ! She wants to have one or twins or triplets and be pregnant and give birth to all these true babies that are gifts from our Father ! Pray for a blessing ! The next prayer is that she be consoled and feel strong during the loss of her long living with her dog Huxley . He became ill and died at the Animal hospital . He had leukemia and other cancer . She is in pain over the loss of her loved dog . Pray that she will not get into depression over this loss of her dog . Thanks for her blessings dear lord ! in the name of Jesus , amen . / John

I’ll pray for your sister in law. :gopray:


I’m praying for your sister in law.


I’ll pray for your sister-in-law. I know how she feels at the loss of a beloved dog.:console:



Wow - emotions all over. Prayers for the gift of children and safe and healthy deliveries and recovery for mom. May the loss of her pet be comforted by the excitement of her new role as mother.

I will pray for all these intentions.

I want to thank you all for praying for my sister in law Marcie regarding her becoming pregnant and giving birth and the pain of her loss of her dog Huvxley . It is wonderful that you all are praying for her and she , my brother and myself am extremely grateful as I know that the lordhears your prayers ! Thanks . Please keep praying and especially pray very hard that she will be pregnant and have healthy babies in 9 months ! praise the lord ! amen . / John

Dear Johnbilancia…I will keep Marcie in prayer that God keep her in His Peace and she is not overwhelmed by the death and her dog. I will keep Sal and Marcie and their intentions in daily prayer too. Blessings with God’s All Embracing Peace…Barb


You have my payers :gopray:

My prayers for Marcie’s successful pregnancy and delivery of healthy babies!!

THANKS FOR PRAYING ! GOOD NEWS IS SHE IS TECHNICALLY PREGNANT ! I ask all of the CATHOLIC forummembers and everyone reading this to pleasepray for my sister in law Marcie to be pregnant . She took apregnancy test and it is positive , but it is from the box . Please pray that she gets great news from her doctors. She has been waiting for this along time . pray she ispregnant and she has a healthy pregnancy of one or two babies ! Thank you all ! lord HEAR OUR PRAyer AND LET TWINS BE BORN ! THANK YOU Father, inthe name of Jesus , amen .

Sounds like some wonderful news may be in the wind. I will pray so!..

May God grant you all the babies in the world to love and hold. :thumbsup:

Prayer said :slight_smile:

:crossrc: :harp: :console:

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