Please pray for my son in this serious situation


I am praying for all of you as being a prayer warrior I do try and respond to those who ask I pray for their intentions.
My son met this girl who is from a foreign country who has a young daughter and is trying to make a living for herself and her child. It is not easy. She works long hours for little pay.
He is fond of her but is a legal student and works full time himself.
He can mostly only support her morally at this stage.
Please keep him and the girl and her child in your prayers.
Thank you for all of your prayers and support.


Will say a prayer for your son and his friends in need. :signofcross:


prayers for all.


Praying for your son and this situation…


Ellen for you and your family, especially your son and his friend

Christ our God, who is worshipped and glorified at all times and in every hour in heaven and on earth; who is most patient, loving and kind; who loves the just and shows mercy to sinners; who calls all to salvation through the promise of the blessings to come; Lord, at this time receive our prayer and direct our lives according to Your will. Bless our souls and bodies. Correct our thoughts and purify our minds. Protect us from all evil and distress. Surround us with Your holy angels, that guided and guarded by them, we may attain the unity of the faith and the knowledge of Your unapproachable glory, for you are blessed forever and ever. Amen.


Gracious Lord, as you look lovingly down upon this young man, woman and child, shed your love upon them that they may be comforted in your constant presence. Amen.

Christ’s peace be with you.


Dear God, watch over this young man, woman, and child as they take lifes journey. Keep them safe and help them to provide for their needs. In Jesus Name…Amen


Praying. :gopray:


Prayers for all.


Father, please watch over this son, the girl, and her child. May your peace always be with them and You will provide them with their needs. In confidence I pray to You in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.





Dear Ellen…will keep your son and the girl and her child in prayer… JMJ


Hey there Ellen
Ill add you to my rosary list ill dedicate my prayers too.
From your anxiety friend


I continue to pray for you, your son, the gril and the child. Father please be with them all in their intentions and guide them with Your hevenly light. Amen.


Dearest Jesus,

You know what is best for this man and his friend and daughter. Bless them, guide them on their paths of life, and if it is Your Will, help them to increase their finances in a way that will please you. Keep them safe, and watch over them.

Praying as always!

Mary :wink:


Holy Mother please comfort the heart of ellen18 who like you is a mother and like you loves her son very much. Dear Queen of Heaven, please spread your mantle upon Ellen, her son, and the daughter whom Ellen’s son loves and her child. Please intercede in all ways as often as you like Holy Mother and claim them all as your own.

Hail Mary Full of Grace! Blessed are thou amonst women! And blessed is the fruit of Thy womb Jesus!
Hold Mary Mother of God! Pray of us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, AMEN!

Love to you Ellen, be courageous and know that God loves you more then you can even imagine!

Blue Knight


Lord embrace ellen’s son and his girlfriend and the girlfriend’s young daughter . Lord hold this woman and her daughter in your loving care and provide for them in food and supplies and monies for their survival . Lord let this relationship prosper and grow under your loving mercy and grace . THANK YOU LORD , IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, AMEN , John


My Brother John,

Could not say it better. Amen! :thumbsup:


O Mother of Perpetual Help,

O Mother of Perpetual Help, with greatest confidence I present myself to you. I implore your help in the problems of my daily life. Have pity on my, compassionate mother. Take care of my needs; free me from my sufferings or if it be the will of God that I should suffer still longer, grant that I may endure all with love and patience. Mother of Perpetual help I ask this in your love and power. Amen.


I’m praying for you, your son, his girlfriend and her child.:signofcross:

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