Please pray for my son


My son is a veteran of 2 tours in Iraq, plus training in Kuwait. He rejoined the military after 9/11 and earned the purple heart. He has been in the military since graduation from High School in 2003He just couldn’t take any more tours in Iraq so he requested a discharge at the end of his extended tour. He made many mistakes as a youth, but fought for his county & lost many friends in doing so. He is home now & having problems readjusting to civilian life, finding a career, finding the right woman & most of all finding the peace available in the Catholc Church. He was raised a catholic & knows prayer brought him home. Thank you


Praying for your son.:gopray2:


I will pray from him.

God bless,


will do


He and you have my prayers.


I wil lpray that he finds the strengthto go on doing what is good and right, and that he finds help with the VA.:smiley:


Thank him for his service and we are praying for his health of mind, body, and soul. May the love and family and friends and his faith in God continue to help ease his transition to home. Amen.


I also want to thank him for his service and he is in my prayers!


Prayers up for him:gopray:


As an ex-service man, I know what your son had to go through. I’ll pray for him. :signofcross:


I will pray for him. Please thank him for me for his sacrifice and service.


Thank you each and everyone for your prayers. So many others have not come home, and I am blessed that he is home. You are all in my prayers and I pray for God’s blessings for you all. I am new to this site and am not sure how to thank each as you respond to my request, but I am so grateful :slight_smile:


Bless his soul…and thank him for me personally, for putting his life on the line for my life and others!!! That is so valiant! I will pray that God helps him to readjust into civilian life…and that he finds peace …I’m sure there is some suffering of post traumatic stress…I pray God also heals him of this.




Praying for your son.


I pray for him.




Thank you son for me and I will offer up your intention during my holy hour.


I thank you all for your payers, he is now thinking of re joining the military. His past mistakes as a youth have kept him from becoming a law enforcement officer. I pray our prayers are being answered and that re-enlistment is his answer. I pray he will never have to go back to Iraq and that all of our brave troops will soon be home. God bless you all


…Dear Jesus, please hear our prayers. We trust you…

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