Please pray for my son


He has served in Iraq, just came home in June, and is considering volunteering to go back already.


Oh, Lord, I thank you so much for this young man, and his willingness to serve our country and protect our freedom. Please guide him in making the best decision, and protect him from all harm. In Jesus name we pray.


I will pray for your son and I will pray for you - that no matter where your son goes or what he does, that he will be protected and remain safe and that you will be comforted and able to accept whatever choice he makes. Praying hard for you both.


I will pray for you son.

I will pray for God’s peace to be with you.

Blessed Mother, be with gwen, pray for her, pray for her son.


Thank you Father for the sons and daughters of our country that serve and protect us and others everyday. Keep this young man safe from all harm and let his light shine for all to see… In Jesus name I pray…AMEN


Lord please bless this young soldier for giving of himself to protect those in need of protection, those who crave freedom, and those of us who enjoy our freedom. Archangle St. Michael, I ask you to watch over this woman’s son, and to protect him from all harm as the Lord directs him in his life. Father, please comfort this mother as she worries about her son. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen. :signofcross:


Thank you all so much for these beautiful prayers - it is amazing how strongly the spirit can make himself known through friendships made over the internet!


Praying for him to make a good decision, whatever that may be.


Mother’s Petition to Mary
Mary, by your holy motherhood,
Hear the prayer of a mother!
You who clasped the infant Jesus
tenderly in your arms,
Protect my child.
You who anxiously searched for
the boy Christ in the temple,
Be anxious about my concerns.
You who experienced loneliness
during the public life of your Son,
teach me to bear my loneliness
with a cheerful and courageous spirit.
You whose heart was pierced with sorrow
at the foot of the cross,
Obtain strength for me when troubles come.
You who dwell in heavenly glory
as mother of the Son of God and
as queen of Mothers,
Help me to express love and joy in my life
and be my secure protection and my hope.

God bless our troops who protect and defend our nation. God bless the families of our troops who wait and pray.


Praying for your son’s safety no matter which decision he makes. I know how stressful this can be. My son served 10 months in Afghanistan and flew over 100 combat missions there and in Bosnia. God keep our troops safe!







Praying for your son…


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