Please pray for my unborn grandchild she is sick


My daughter is having a baby girl in October. We just found out, baby Gracie, has 3 very bad heart defects. There are no good options. These heart defects are very bad. Please pray for baby Grace. I know God has his plan, but this is difficult to deal with.
Carrying a baby for three more months who you know is not healthy is unbearable for my daughter, Erin…

God is with us throughout this pregnancy but, please pray for my daughter and Gracie.



Praying for Grace, Erin, and Gracie’s Grandma. Holy martyrs Cosmas and Damian, heal baby Grace!


Dear Lord, you are the architect and builder of life, and you can reach down and heal Grace if it is Your will. We ask that you fix these defects, and bless her a full life. Bring peace to Erin and Grandma. In Jesus name we pray.


Praying. :signofcross:


Praying for all, especially grandmother, who must sometimes be the strong one


They are in my prayers, and so are you.


Prayers for you and your family. May peace and God’s love comfort all at this difficult time.


Praying - especially to St John of the Cross, patron against heart conditions :crossrc:


Praying - especially to St John of God, patron against heart conditions :crossrc:


Praying for mother and baby.


I will pray for your daughter and Gracie.


Keeping Erin, Baby Grace, and the whole family in prayer at this very difficult time…Blessings with God’s All Embrcing Peace…Barb


Praying for baby Gracie.

As a grown woman who beat the odds and survived life threatening heart defects my heart goes out to your daughter and your family. I don’t know the severity or what the doctors have told you but I know the best congenital cardiologist in the country (probably world) so let me know if you need any information, I can pm you.

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