Please pray for my wife tomorrow


I just got a call from the Township for a job she applied for; she is one of eight chosen for interviews. They want to interview her tomorrow at 2 PM; the job starts in September.

If she could get this job, it would be cherry—more money, insurance benefits after 90 days, and it’s only a mile away from our house. Plus, if you get in with the Township, you’ve pretty much got a job for life. It would certainly improve our situation drastically…

Needless to say, I immediately called Mommy and gave her the contact number. She’s surpised and elated and excited. I hope she gets the job.

I’ll keep you updated. :slight_smile:


praying! :smiley:


Praying for you that it be God’s will that she get the job.



Will keep her in my prayers. Keep us up to date.




Lord Wolseley’s wife has this interview for a wonderful job . Lord let it be so that SHE IS HIRED ! Lord let the interviewers be impressed with her and give her the job . thank you lord in the name of Jesus , amen . / Wolseley the lord hears our prayers , do not worry . John


Father, hear our prayers and if it is your will then let this woman get this job!! In Jesus Name I pray!!



Prayers to St Joseph (patron of workers) and St Gaetano (patron of job-seekers) for you!


Today’s the day to Pray Warriors!

Father, if this is “the job” You’ve planned for this lady please let her get it today. I know that when I prayed for work everyday for two years You kept saying “No”, but I didn’t know the job You had planned for me then. Thank you again Father for helping me to find the GREAT job and place You had planned for me. I was willing to settle for bronze, and all the while you had gold planned for me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


My prayers are with her all day!!! Keep us posted and keep up the prayers…


Well, she got a letter from the township today saying they hired somebody else. :frowning:

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, however, and keep us in your thoughts. :slight_smile:



As difficult as it may seem, remember that God has a plan!! He evidently has a better job out there for her… Father, thank you for your decisions in our lives… We realize that what we want to happen is not always what should or will happen… Please lead this woman to the Job you have in store for her… In Jesus Name I pray… AMEN







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