Please pray for my wife's stepfather (lung cancer)


Hi everyone,

I just found out today that my wife’s stepfather has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. He’s only 49 years old. Please say a prayer for him and my mother-in-law that they remain strong during this ordeal and to trust in Jesus and his Blessed Mother.

Thanks and God bless,


May your wife’s stepfather be healed through our intercession, as was the centurian’s servant through his intercession, Amen.


Will keep them in prayer, Craig, and may The Lord ever support and guide them…


Father, we trust you to give this family strength. We trust in you and we ask that your will be done Father… In Jesus name I pray… AMEN


Craig, I know what sclc means. I had germ cell and it was rough. If you haven’t already, learn and use the divine mercy chaplet. If your FIL is not Catholic, make it happen. You all have my sincerest prayers. Tim


I’ll keep him in my daily prayers. :gopray:


I will also keep him in my daily prayers.


God bless all of you and thank you for your prayers! :slight_smile:



Praying here.


Prayers are so important, I would be glad to.
I am nearly a 10 years lung cancer survivor, thanks to the prayers of my parish and wonderful doctors.
May I also suggest a web site for people with lung cancer and their family and caregivers which offer lots of info and support. I know Katie who started it for this purpose when her Dad was diagnosed.

Best wishes , DonnaG


Praying for your wife’s step-father…


Praying for them both.


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