Please Pray for my X-girlfriend


Her name is Monica. Though we are no longer even friends, I have prayed for he at length as directed by my concience and her great need for prayer. Please join with me to pray for her so that she becomes a holy and upright person!

Blessings and Hugs!

Blue Knight






Jesus, continue to walk with this woman. So often we miserably fail to live up to even our own expectations much less those as a child of God. Please continue to call to her as you do to each of us, until her heart responds in kind. You shape each one of us over time, some through crazy lives, some through mild existence. In the journey of each of us comes a day of passion for you, when the fire is lit. We ask that this woman find those people who would enable her to see You in them, that she would begin to reflect the love You have for her. We thank BlueKnight for bringing this intention to us, and probably need to say this prayer for everyone reading. Amen.

We are grateful to be of service to others!!


Prayers going up for your friend, may she be touched by God’s loving guidance :gopray:


Will keep Monica in prayer

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