He posted he is in a great deal of pain...Let us ask God to spare him , and heal his body, and remove his Jesus name we pray:byzsoc:


Father of all Mercy, grant him strength to endure. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen


Oh no:( The worst always happens to the best people...

Ave Maria, Gratia plena, dominus tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus, benedictus fructus ventris tui, Jesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in ora mortis nostrae, Amen.:gopray2:




praying for Bro. Jr.


I am also with you, brothers and sisters, praying for our beloved Br JR.


Please keep the prayers coming and I will send JR this thread to comfort him


Prayers sent for Br. JR!


Thank you for your prayers. They have been very helpful. As some of you may know, I used to financially support my brothers by running a high school so that they had enough food, etc to work on Respect Life Ministry. Since August, I have been unable to do this. I have been in the hospital four times since July.

But the Lord always has a plan and a place for everyone. I have been reassigned to lighter duties.

  1. Run retreats for Rachel’s Vineyard

  2. Do youth ministry for life.

  3. Teach Old Testament theology to grade six religious education.

  4. Novice master for our community.

  5. Spiritual direction and pastoral counseling to those involved in any way with abortion and other life issues.

  6. And the foundation of a new religious community, the Franciscan Brothers of Life.

My duties have been cut in half and my prayer schedule is a little more flexible than that of the other brothers.

Just to show you how effective your prayers are:

Yesterday and today have been very uncomfortable days. I’ve had a lot of trouble breathing because of the pain involved. As I was laying there with my oxygen and other stuff, as I like to call it, I received a telephone call. A young girl, age 20, had been kicked out of her home because she’s pregnant with her second child. Her family wants her to have an abortion. She has a one-year old baby. She had no place to go. She showed up at one of the neighboring parishes and they called for a brother, but the brothers were out on mission. I was the only one home.

Today, one of the counselors from Project Rachel called and said that she needed a brother for a young man whose wife had an abortion and told him after the fact. He was on the telephone with her. He was in distress. The counselor thought that a man would be better able to help him. Again, none of the brothers were home. They were all out at the pregnancy centers.

In both cases, I got up and went to see these folks. The wonderful thing that happened was that while I was with them, I felt no pain. I had no trouble breathing and didn’t need my oxygen. I was even able to walk and talk normally. To make a long story short, the girl is home again. The young man in distress and I were able to talk a long time. I can’t resolve his problem. But he asked me if he could come back to see me. He really feels that he needs healing and does not know where to turn. Of course I agreed. I’ll see him again later this week.

Both times, as soon as the individuals left and I started my long walk back to my community house. I felt the pain again and the difficulty breathing.

You have to understand that the Franciscan Brothers of Life, the community that I have been asked to found, is not allowed to own cars. We walk. If we have money, we take the bus. As the “founder” of the new community, I must give a good example. So I began to walk back home. The longest trek was short, about six miles away. That’s not too bad and the days are cool now. But God was so nice about it. I asked him to help me smile. He took away the pain while I was with these wonderful people.

Keep the prayers coming. They are helping.




Prayers promised. :signofcross:


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