Please pray for our dying car!


Please ask prayer that our car will continue to run without anymore problems for the next 6-8 months.

We have had this car for about 9 years now and although it is a good make and model, it has a LOT of miles on it (DH drives >100miles/day). we have had many small problems with it over the past 3 years and have been able to spend only a couple thousand dollars in total for all the repairs.

Today it is sitting dead in our driveway. DH has to have it towed to our mechanic in the next town over to be repaired- which means a day lost of work for him.

We truly cannot afford a new car. it seems as if we can by our income, but as many of you know we have massive debt and are barely making it.

Please pray for us. I know that good things are coming. We will be inheriting a large sum in the spring and that will help to abolish a good amount of our debt and could help us with a down payment for a newish car for DH. Please pray for us. thanks-twk


You have my prayers that the mechanic can help it to last you until you receive your inheritance, and that in the meantime all else will go well.




Lord Jesus, twk001 and family are in a financial problem right now. Lord, I pray that you will guide them in their decisions and provide for them. In Jesus name, Amen. Mother Mary, please pray for this family.


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