Please pray for our family facing Bankruptcy!


It’s been a long tough road, but now we have no choice. We’re in the process of declaring bankruptcy.
Our attorney is getting all the necessary papers together. We’re not big spenders, but several years of spotty employment (no work in my husband’s profession),unforseen repair expenses and a high mortgage brought us in deep trouble. The bank is making our life miserable with ridiculous repayment options for our mortgage.
Their demands are so high we’re in danger of loosing our home. We are a family of five which includes two special needs children. everyone is stressed to the max.
We seriously need your prayers so that we get through this nightmare without a hitch.
Thank you so much.
God love you!


You will be in my prayers maria rose - and all those facing the same situation, especially here in Michigan where I live. It is a tough time for so many.



Consider it done… my prayers are with you Maria Rose…


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