Please pray for our government and it's possible widespread corruption


Please pray that God inspires and infuses just and sound moral decisions of those who hold political positions especially in our justice system. My story behind my paryer is below for anyone intersted in reading it. What a long day it has been today!

If not please pray regardless. People less fortunate than me are being exposed and treated to this injustice and lawful robbery taking place. I didn’t want to believe it until I saw and witnessed it with my own eyes today. Maybe it’s because I’m young and have been naive to this until now and it’s just a sudden jolt of reality. Perhaps but what I saw and everything I could comphrehend only points to money before justice and corruption.

As an added question I hope one of you can answer, what does Jesus ask us to do when faced with such situations?

Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” Matthew 22:21

that’s all I can find.

My story is posted below


Wow just wow… as of 30 minutes ago I have lost all faith with our justice system. As to my story about my ticket and a ticket at that $180 + a$60 court fee as a first violation on a perfectly clean slate… my God.

This morning I appeared in court neatly dressed in a suit and tie and did my best to be well prepared. Upon arriving I discovered that the courtroom had 50 other occupents with traffic tickets as well. Most of everyone else was dressed in sleazy attire or just normal wear, I can’t say that I blame them. I showed my best respect to the court and my judge. Unfamiliar with court practices specifically traffic court the judge made us all rise and discussed the procedure but did not offer a chance for any questions. She mentioned the chance to go see a “prosecutor” down the hall and to sign out which I did as I wasn’t sure how I should plead. I waited to see the “prosecutor” who was a polite young women and suggested that I plead not guilty (as I felt) and that would give me the chance to discuss my case. She said if I plead guilty I would not have the chance to discuss. I took that advice without question. Upon returning to the court room I was soon called up to hear my case in front of the 50 other people. Of course with my luck my officer was there which he approached. He told his side of the story which was just a brief paragraph of my stop. Thankfully he didn’t lie in any way I was aware of as it was his word against mine from the get go.

After taking my oath to tell the truth I plead my case emphasizing that the signs were not in an effective position and even if I had noticed and comprehended the overly confusing HOV system here in a split second I still would have been trapped. I mentioned how if I had attempted to avert the situation I would have violated other traffic laws and posed a high danger of a traffic accident. I mentioned how every other HOV system in the area has a separate lane and I would have in no way known that this interstate was different prior (signs were unclear and ineffective) being new unless someone had warned me.

Of course my printer broke down last night so I had no change to print out the pictures of the signs so I had no evidence to present.

The judge who was a late middle aged women (reminded me of judge Judy) nodded and said “that’s why there are signs and surely there were others in the area before you entered the entrance ramp. I find you guilty as charged with the penalty being a 60$ court fee as well as the fine to be paid within 15 days.”

Surely she was not in anyway related to judge Judy as she seemed almost robotic in her manner and tone. I guess if proceedings are repetitive for judges that can do that to them. Still no sense of sympathy or mercy of any kind?? I was practically talking to a computer it seemed.

At that time I had no chance to correct her misunderstanding of my plea or to reiterate that the signs themselves were ineffective! So as excruciating as it was I said “Thank you ma’am have a good day”.

Despite praying to God this week to give me luck and hope in this case, all odds and luck were used against me. My printer failing last night for use of my evidence being almost a humorous kick in the pants. Detours all around the court building causing me to be late (that didn’t affect the case thank God). My officer against all odds showing up for my case, and a very unsympathetic judge.

I have since lost all faith and trust in our justice system as I have now witnessed and personally observed all evidence pointing to pure corruption and a systematic robbery of law abiding citizens. Why have any sort of mercy on me? Because it is purely a money seeking system, not justice. I was caught in a police trap…plain and simple and the judge was clearly without any sympathy of any kind and surely part of the “system”. Stopping someone on the entrance ramp of a major interstate along with 10 other cars on the side with no chance to avert the situation even if I had gotten a chance to read the sign that was obscured from view and it’s hidden revelation of it’s obtuse HOV policy. Further more the court and it’s judge voluntarily ignoring my plea and finding me guilty because of the fact there are signs period is certainly misguided if not corrupt. The sign could have been blocked by a tree and I’d still be guilty in the court’s eyes (this one was blocked by a traffic light far adjacent traffic light) in a left turn lane.

Despite having a clean record, it being my first ever offense of any kind, and my showing of every possible respect to the court and it’s judge, I was given nothing in the least. I can’t say I expected sympathy but I surely would have thought a tad would be given but all odds and people’s advice pointed that I’d at the very least have a reduced fine. I mines as well not have shown up at all. Anything for money I guess is how it is.

I feel God betrayed me in some way and he just doesn’t like me I know that’s naive to claim but it surely feels like it.

Eli Eli lama sabachthani? (“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”) I now know the true feeling.


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