Please Pray for our souls and our mission


For many years, God seemed to be calling me to help spiritually my little community of new immigrants and in a very special way one of my friends, but I had a different somewhat corrupt way of reading the will of God. It is very complicated story. And it affected all other evangelization projects the Lord had asked me to do and which were underway. This particular person seem to be particularly iimportant in this God’s plan. And you know the best way to preach is by example.

To give you a clear illustration. To me, the story is very similar to Jonas story. And I feel like I am still in the big whale. My heart is full of pain, anguish, and confusion as I lost contact with her. I need all of your prayers. Please pray for me and my friend. I will let you know when I start seeing a rising sun. I ask most prayers for my friend as she is in the most confusing situation. If you could join these intentions in Mass that will be great. Sins against chastity and unworthy reception of Holy Communion are most responsible for this situation. I am not sure if all the sins involved have been confessed and forgiven. If they have, we still need reparation.
I am very pained to see more of my friends falling out of ignorance while I could have helped, but as I said I feel stuck somewhere, and my heart does not have any courage to do anything.

That deep and sweet consciousness of God’s presence prompted me to say to the Lord, “O Most Holy Trinity dwelling in my heart, I beg you: grant the grace of conversion to as many souls as the stitches that I make today with this crochet hook.” Then I heard these words in my soul: My daughter, too great are your demands. “Jesus, You know that for You it is easier to grant much rather than a little.” That is so, it is less difficult for Me to grant a soul much rather than a little, but every conversion of a sinful soul demands sacrifice." - Our Lord to St. Faustina

So please unite small sacrifices for this intention and specially the sacrifice of the Mass.

Thank you very much


A co-worker recently died of complications from cancer surgery. He was a fallen away Catholic who thought he had found home in another church. I didn’t say anything to him-not even to suggest a reversion so that a priest could administer reconcilliation and the annointing of the sick.

My silence may have contributed to… what, I hesitiate to think.

You have my prayers.


Praying. :gopray:


I hope that, whatever God’s will to be, that you might abide in His will and that you grow in it. I pray that God will always bless you and your friend, that you might become a blessing to her in her time of need.





I would like to thank you all for your support and prayers.

God bless


Thanks for your prayers. I will pray for you too. I know it is not easy, my case is similar even though it does not involve death. But I am afraid that the way I handled it, instead of drawing her to Christ, it may draw her away. She (and family) is also a ‘lapsed catholic’, so I took my time waiting for some ‘right time’ (afraid of being offensive etc) until it was too late.
When I heard that she steped into a ‘cohabitating relationship’ I was terrified with all the things one gets exposed to. So I sent her some website to read. She never answered my emails again. I have a feeling that if she had known some of those information earlier she would not have made those decision. So I am afraid that she is not only angry at me, but also at the Church and God.

Thank you all for your prayers


Thank you very much
May God’s blessings be with you too.


Will offer this up at my next rosary


Sounds as if you would really benefit from a talk with a spiritual director or priest in Confession. Very often when Peace is disturbed, opening up to Father in Confession will restore it. Will pray that Peace and calm will be restored to your heart…
Our Lady of Mercies and of Victory
please hear my prayers


You are in my prayers…


All involved are in my prayers.


The most eloquent, persistent and heartfelt pleas we make in futile attempts at converting others are crushed by the power of the simplest prayer.

Christ’s peace be with you.


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