Please pray for our trip to Florida


Please pray that my family and I make it to Florida safely…that God guides us to the right parish…and that we are good witnesses for our faith in our new town.

Please pray that my husband finds a good job–quickly. Please pray that my kids do well in their new schools, and make nice friends soon, too. Please pray that in this new promotion–I will follow God…serve Him and serve others in humility–that I will have courage to do the new tasks that are asked of me.

Please pray that God eases my worried mind, and that we are where He wants us to be…in faith, and secularly.

Thank you, in advance. You guys are great!:grouphug:


You got it whatevergirl. God bless you with a safe and PEACEFUL move! :smiley:

You’re in my prayers. :gopray2:




I am going to offer my daily rosary for you and yours


Kathy–I don’t know what to say–thank you so very much. I’m glad to have met you on here…you are a sucha cool lady–with a beautiful soul.


We will be praying, we know how difficult a time like this can be.


May the patron saint of travellers, St Christopher, be with you on your journey :crossrc:


I’ll pray for you and your family.:gopray:


Praying for you and your family.

:crossrc: :crossrc:


Thank you all for your prayers…they mean so much to me and my family…they thank you too.:o


I am asking St. Joseph, who protected Mary and the Lord in her womb and insured their saftey as a family in travel. Also, as a hard worker St. Joseph to hear the prayer I ask for your husband’s work situation to be resolved quickly and to be a blessing to his employer and receive a fair wage for his talents to provide for his family and be a christian example to others in the workplace so that they can see the christianity in action. I also pray for the Children of this family to find new friends and a school where they will recieve the education they need to go forward in life with confidence and knowledge.
And I ask Mary to be with whatevergirl, to encourage her and give her strength for the very hard work she does each day in her vocation as a wife and mother. In all these things, Jesus Christ hear my prayers.:slight_smile:


Wow…Hell. I am tear filled…thank you!!! Really, it means a lot to me.:hug1:


If it makes you feel better, I get tear filled reading your whole story here.:wink:


The thought of packing makes you weep, doesn’t it??? ha;) :smiley:
Kidding…I think I know what u mean.:o


Whatevergirl praying for your family, God has you all tucked safely in his arms:)


My tears are tears of joy seeing a family live out their faith in ordinary and extrodinary circumstances. Its truly a powerful witness to us all.


aw, thanks as always, Hell. You are such a great person…always have a nice thing to say about everyone. I appreciate that.

Although, I felt like a ‘bad’ witness today…I hate arguing with my husband…it never feels good…but hey we made up…and our packing in nearly complete.

Now just have to scrub floors tomorrow… oh the joy of it!:whistle:


Are you there yet? or the computer is the last thing you unhook and pack? you gotta be a CAF addict. :rotfl:

You and your family are in my prayer. :slight_smile:


:blushing: it will be packed tomorrow afternoon…between my son’s online gaming, and CAF…i requested it to be the last item packed. (respectfully of course) lol;)

thank you for your prayers…have a great rest of your week, water.


Good luck with your travels…
You and your family will be in my prayers!

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