Please pray for our wives!


After the manner of the sticky: St. Monica, Please Pray for Our Husbands! I would like to start a similar thread because I am sure there are many husbands out there with similar situations and the issues we deal with our wives are probably much different than the problems women have with their husbands.

I ask that all you wonderful people would pray for me and my wife. As I continue to strive for a deeper immersion into the Church, my wife wants nothing to do with it, although bless her she has done things to adapt for me such as NFP.
Her mother is staunchly pro-abortion etc. When pressed by her mother last night about her views (angrily) on abortion my wife remained silent. I do not know how to take this action but I hope it means she doesn’t feel the same as her mother and not that she just did not want to get into it with either of us. I tried to find out what she thought about it after her mother had left but got nowhere. I love my wife dearly and abortion terrifies me. It is one of the things that makes me dread having children (especially a girl), although I want children more than anything. I would be crushed if my child had an abortion, I cannot put it into words. I have skeletons in my closet from my teenage years as does she. I only pray that she seeks forgiveness and one day may find Christ! Please pray for my wife, her mother, and our family. I am the only catholic in the group and always find myself defending my faith instead of them defending their actions. :o

Admirable is the Name of God


Praying for your intention, Wordislove.


Dear brother.
First of all…its wonderful to see how your deep love for your wife is so evident through the things you write.

My advice is this. I dont think that moral issues is the way for very many people to get into an active faith life.
My own path of faith began only a few years ago… how it happend:
Testimony… God suddenly had enough of seeing me walking around in emptiness and send me a few close friends who told me things that started a great hunger…or rather made a voice for the hunger I had had so long. One lady said how she had become healed from severe pain and sleepless nights in the name of Jesus… I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I did not know these things still happen… After that, book followed on book, and person upon person.
Faith is about Jesus and what He does in a persons life… there is such peace and sweetness in and of it self in being in His Arms, but the things we know about Him though the Gospels have to be evident in the here and now daily life.

I’d say get some people into your home… people who are filled with the fire of The Holy Spirit. People who have experienced wonderful things with the Lord… (I can assure you that seeing somebody get healed in the name of Jesus or hearing a second hand story about somebody raised from the dead anno 2007 is something that urges a person to reflection. We have to be wise when influencing our loved ones in the right direction… they have to feel they take all the steps by them selves… just serve her a banguet of tasty things. It worked for me… then… knowing Jesus… all the moral reflections came as a result of suddenly seeing everything through His eyes…nobody told me eg that abortion was wrong… I grew up believing it was just a part of life… but one day I woke up and, loving Jesus, I just knew that abortion was dead-wrong.

God bless you and your wife.


Praying that you can share Christ’s light for all those stuck in the darkness, and that your wife and family will come to know Jesus through your strength of faith. :crossrc:

God bless. :hug1:


May the Lord watch over you and your spouse and extended family, that you might all learn God’s glorious truth and submit to His perfect methods in every way with conviction. And Lord, please bless with a holy matrimonial grace, all married couples and all couples who will be married, that they serve You by serving each other. Amen. :signofcross:

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