Please pray for Robert with Post-Polio-Syndrome


Brothers & Sisters:

Please pray for Robert who has Post-Polio Syndrome. He contracted Polio several decades ago, and was "living with it for most of his life - Had married, had children, been the founder and President of a small college in California and a small Theological Seminary.

Robert’s now in his late 80’s, and most of the nerves and muscles he’s used to work around the parts of his body that had been disabled by Polio are wearing out and deteriorating.

He had surgery to alleviate some of the symptoms early last week, and is recovering slowly. His wife isn’t much better than he is and is quite worried for him.

Please pray for Robert that he may have a remission of the Post-Polio Syndrome, and that the nerves and muscles that are failing him will come back to life. Please also pray for his wife that she will be strengthened during this trying time and that the Lord will return her to health as well.

Thank You for you prayers on Robert’s behalf.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


Prayers for Robert!!


My prayers are with you and Robert and his wife :crossrc:


Robert will be in my prayers. :gopray:


Prayers for Robert and his wife!


Prayers for Robert and his family for peace, comfort, compassion, the grace of God and healing of body, mind, heart, and soul.


Please add to your prayers my grandmother Mary who also suffers greatly with Post-Polio Syndrome, especially for the sake of my grandfather who has probably already worked off all his own time in Purgatory and is working off others’ time caring for her all these years when she tends not to be very appreciative.


Dear Brothers and sisters:

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts - I’ll forward this thread to Robert and his wife. I think it will be encouraging for both of them.

Vluvski, Your grandmother & grandfather have my prayers - I’m sorry that Mary hasn’t appreciated the efforts of your grandfather. That must be frustrating for him.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


I will pray. I also have Post Polio. The nerves and muscles will never come back, as they already made the only try that the body allows, after the initial Polio. The anterior horns, which regrew then were not as strong as the original. Deterioration of the Anitrior horns is the major cause of disability for elderly people weather they had polio or not. Usually referred to as dying of old age. The body just wears out.Antior horns control all muscles in the body…from breathing to walking etc.

That is why we now find we suffer more and more deterioration, at a faster pace than those who did not have polio. The best we can hope for is some relief from pain.

I pray that those who are treating him, have some knowledge of this. It is very difficult, actually almost impossible to find a doctor who does.

My small group as it turned out, had been monitored for years, so that is where they turned to study the problem. They had our medical records due to the fact, the first vaccine gave us polio. Several thousand contracted it from Dr. Salks first vaccine. Many of us survived and recovered…to go on with a normal life. But by the time I was in my late 20’s, I began to have problems…as well as the other patients.

I was privileged to have a conference with Dr. Jonas Salk about this, back in the 80"s when many of us began having problems. At first we were being diagnosed with MS, ALS etc. but the physicians only did that as there are similarities, but they knew it was not those. They were stumped.

So far research has not found a way to reverse this.

At any rate…I pray your friend recovers some strength. Proper use of the muscles we have, and rest with very minimal exercises can help. If the therapists try to use the usual exercise regimen…he could have more problems.

St Louis has an excellent group who work with PPS patients, and a few others. But they are far and few between.


Praying for your grandmother and grandfather. I know it is difficult.

Try and be very patient with your Grandma. Some Post Polio’s suffer from Brain fatigue, especially if they had the spinal polio. It makes them very grouchy sometimes and hard to deal with. It isn’t that they want to be that way…anymore than a person with dementia wants to . This particular symptom of PPS…is not something she can control. It is a brain stem problem which causes confusion and irritability which they do not even know they exhibit.

I suspect your Grandpa, knows that and this is why he is so patient. God Bless him for seriously loving her in sickness and in health.

Post Polio Information

Dr. Bruno


You have my prayers of strength and healing for Robert and his wife. May God’s healing embrace hold them both :gopray:


Praying for Robert, his wife, and all of his family


Robert and his wife are in my prayers.



Thank you for the information

Robert, Elizabeth Fr. Beau have said that finding Dr.'s who specialize in Polio or Post-Polio Syndrome is extremely difficult. Apparently, they did find someone here who did specialize in Post-Polio Syndrome, but Fr. Beau and Dr. Robert had to ask a lot of people they knew for referrals.

I’m sorry to hear that you contracted Polio from the vaccine that was supposed to protect you, and that this is probably reminding you of your own pain.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


I am glad he found a good polio doctor. That is an answer to prayer for sure. It doesn’t bother me really that I contracted this cross through a mistake of science . Due to that mistake, they were able to correct the vaccine and others did not have to suffer Polio once they got it right. Everyone has a purpose in life and we all have crosses to bear. :wink: I also was able to play a small part in the discovery of the PPS which came decades later. God had a plan and the rest is up to Him.

Tell Robert I am praying for him.




Brothers and Sisters:

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers on behalf of Robert and his wife Elizabeth. I will insure that they, and all of those you are praying for at my request, know how you “have not tired of not of well-doing”.

YBIC, Michael


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