Please, Pray for Shelia who is diagnosed with cancer!


In your charity, please pray for my mother’s best friend, Shelia. She was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and spots have now been found on her lungs. Please pray for her and for my mother, who has lost several dear friends to cancer over the last few years.

Lord Jesus, have mercy.


Prayers for her, especially to St Peregrine patron of cancer sufferers.


:byzsoc: :byzsoc:


Praying for Sheila. :gopray:


Prayers for her.




jkirk, i lost someone i love to cancer recently. it is very painful to deal with. i totally understand what they are going through. iam praying to saint peregrine for his intercession on my behalf that this lady’s cancer treatment is short and she will make a full recovery.

saint peregrine, please intercede on my behalf that this lady is able to undergo a successful treatment and her cancer is beaten.thank you for your intercession. and heavenly Father, i ask this in the name of Your most beloved Son, Jesus Christ.


Saint Peregrine, pray for us.


I also lost my closest and dearest friend to Lung and brain cancer so I know what your mother and her friend are going through. My prayers are with all of you!:gopray2:


My mother died of breast cancer. Praying for Sheila! :byzsoc:


I will pray for Shelia.


Thank you all SO much.

Sort of gives me chills…they found spots on her lungs originally…now they cannot find a single thing wrong with her lungs!

She still has to have a lumpectomy.

May our Lord Jesus bless all of you and hold you close withine His Most Sacred Heart!



Giving thanks for all Graces already received and keeping Shelia in daily prayer. St. Rita of Cascia is the patron of desperate/impossible causes.
Blessings and Peace…Barb

*Dear St. Rita, model wife and religious, you yourself suffered in a long illness showing patience out of love for God.**Teach us to pray as you did. *
Many invoke you for help, full of confidence in your intercession, patroness of desperate causes. Deign to come now to our aid for the relief and cure of Shelia with the prayers of Our Lady and St. Joseph to Jesus - Giver of all Good Gifts.
To God, all things are possible; may this healing bring glory to the Lord.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust you. Have Mercy of your Compassionate Heart. Amen


Prayers for your friend - may St. Peregrine intercede and help guide her to health and recovery soon.


Father, we know that all healing is already present in You. Father, touch our sister Sheila and bring healing to every cell in her being. Bless, protect, and heal this precious child for your glory. We gladly submit to Your will in this matter, thanking You in the name of our Savior.



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