Please pray for Simon whose advanced Parkinson's has made him vulnerable to other illnesses


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

My neighbor Simon has advanced Parkinson’s which has made him vulnerable to opportunistic infections. The latest episode has included pneumonia which has put him in the hospital for the past 3+ weeks. He’s still in the hospital, and will require a min. of 6-8 weeks to recover.

Simon has had Parkinson’s for at least 15 years, and had the neural implants surgically implanted in his brain some 4+ years ago.

Simon’s wife is Suzie who used to own a popular store who had to sell the shop and retire some 9 years ago to stay at home to take care of Simon. Her life over the last 7 years has been and endless round of laundering dirty sheets, lifting and caring for Simon, getting him into and out of walkers, wheelchairs and the car… This has become worse over the past 3 years so that Suzie’s required nursing assistance over the last year.

It doesn’t help that, as Simon’s disease has progressed, he has become more reserved and jealous of Suzie’s popularity and ease with people. So Suzie’s world has narrowed.

Please pray for both Simon and Suzie.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


Prayers for Simon and Suzie.


Prayers for the intercession of our dear JPII.


Cecilia & Vluvski:

Thank you.

A woman in a religiious order who had advanced Parkinsons recently received a remission of her Parkinsons after the intercession of John Paul II. I think it would be wonderful if Simon would be be granted a similar miracle from the intercession of John Paul II. Simon is a Holocaust survivor, and both Simon and Suzie are Jewish. JP II had a love for God’s People, and this would so obciously lead to the conversion of so many.

And, I don’t know if any here have seen anyone suffer from Parkinsons, or the drain on their loved ones, esp. if they’re caring for them…

Christ is Risen.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


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