Please pray for successful conception!


I know that there is a prayer request page, but i also know many of you are people that i’ve communicated with in the past, and you all have prayed for me many times. please pray now for DH and I to have success. I underwent a round of Clomid (okay’ed by priest) due to PCOS and now I have four eggs, and ready to ovulate within 72 hrs. DH doesn’t even know yet! I am asking for prayer today to ask for successful ovulation and conception. DD would like a sibling, and we want more children! they are our legacy. please pray for us. thanks-twk:rolleyes:


Prayers!! That is cool you know you have four eggs!! How did you know that btw??


I do hope that you have success! I know that I have PCOS and was told no more babies for me…Hopefully after fiance and I are married we have the blessing of having a baby! God bless good luck and GOD willing you will soon have a blessing on the way!


Please pray for my daughter, Sarah, she and her husband Matt have been desparately trying to conceive as well. She took Clomid as well, but unfortunately, even at the age of 32 she is considered post-menipausal, so her sister is donating her eggs. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for her to conceive with her own eggs, and now I am totally confused.


My thoughts and prayers are with you! For what its worth, after 6 years trying for my first, the first round of Clomid (50mg) I took, I got pregnant with him. I found out a month and a half after having him that I was pregnant again without any help! Good luck!!


Praying for you twk!


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