Please , pray for the victims of Holodomor


Holodomor ( Famine ) 1932-1933 is the genocide against Ukrainian nation.
The Ukrainian Holodomor (famine) took place because the Bolsheviks confiscated all the grain. “A quarter of the rural population, men, women and children, lay dead or dying in a great stretch of territory with some forty million inhabitants.
These days the Ukrainian people reminding the tragic events of that tragedy , which is the tragedy not only the Ukrainian nation but also the tragedy of all humanity.
The greatest mass slaughter in the history was the the Ukrainian Holodomor. ( Unfortunately , for some reasons one can not understand - not many people know about it )
I would like to ask the Christians all over the world , to remind in their prayers the souls who , passed to eternity in the time of Holodomor .
Please , remind those souls in your prayers and with a minute of silence.
Thank you very much brothers and sisters.:gopray2:


Praying for these victims.Also Praying it never happens again.Thank you for enlightening me.I have never heard of Holodomor before.Peace.


Very interesting…will keep these poor souls in my prayers…




Thats terrible… Praying for everyone who had to live through this.


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