Please pray for the victims of the earthquake in Peru


I was watching the news this morning, and heard that the dead toll rose to 337 people and more than 1000 injured. I also heard that many were trapped inside a Catholic Church because they were in Mass while the earthquake happened and the church fell to the ground at the time of the quake.

Please help me pray for these people. Natural disasters are so unpredicatable and cause so much damage and despair.


Praying for the victims and their families. :gopray:




Lord of the Powers be with us, for in times of distress we have no other help but You.
Lord of the Powers, have mercy on us.


May the Lord God look with love on them, treating them mercifully in their time of distress and strengthening their faith. May he let perpetual light shine upon the souls of the departed.Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy. Amen.


Lord in Your infinite goodness, you come through for those who believe in You. Please spare these people who were worshiping you.


The tragedy in Peru as well as the three killed rescue miners and the terrible bushfires in Greece have all impacted with great sorrow. Two hundred at least attending Mass in the cathedral in Peru when the roof collapsed were killed. There are terrible and oerwhelmingly tragic times when “Father, Thy will be done” is the most hardest prayer of all and especially when tragedy has struck innocent others… Kept in daily prayer… JMJ


Praying! :gopray2:


Praying for these people…


Lord help the victims of this earthquake and give them courage ! lord heal all the injured and bless all of them . Lord bless this country and rebuild it as they need your love now ! thank you lord ! in the name of Jesus ! Lord help all the families and loved ones affected by this earthquake ! thank you lord ! in the name of Jesus ! amen . , John


Eternal rest grant to them O Lord, let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, especially those of San Clemente church rest in peace

Dear Saint Joseph, patron saint of Peru, please pray for those left homeless by the earthquake in Peru. Grant they receive aid swiftly, and rebuild their homes quickly.

Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.


My heart goes out to all the victims. Praying for them.:crossrc:

Lord, have mercy on them. Lord, have mercy on the depart ones too. Strengthen their faith in these devistating times. Fill then with your hope and love, Lord. :signofcross:




Indeed, praying.
For those who have died,
For those who survived,
For all those others in poverty everywhere, whom bad luck seems to strike regularly, that they may see God’s mercy in their sufferings.

Oh, and in thanksgiving to Jesus for allowing those 200 or so in the cathedral to die while they were mere feet away from His presence in the Eucharist.


As horrible as the whole thing is, thank God for those who perrished inside the Catholic Church!! I pray for the entire area.


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