Please pray for the Yehuda ben Rivka

My Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The Father of the editor of JWR has been extremely ill for most of the last 3 months - and his desparate son has sent at least 2 emails such as the following (excerpted & reprinted with his permission):

*Dearest Readers:

This is one of the hardest letters I’m likely to ever write.

My father is in his 80s and his life is now hanging in the balance.

… I’m asking that each of you take a moment and recite a prayer on behalf of Yehudah ben (son of) Rivka.

… Please beseech the One Who Grants Life to allow my father to live!

After you do, PLEASE forward my request to prayer lists and
friends/family or anybody else…

There will be an update posted on the JWR Front Page:* or *for those who will help me.

In Gratitude and friendship,

Yehuda is Hebrew for Judah
Binyamin is Hebrew for Benjamin

No matter how old one’s father is, it’s tough to watch him die, and it’s terrible to watch him suffer.

Please pray for Yehuda that he will recover from these severe illnesses and that he and Binyamin will find Yeshua the Moshiach of Israel, promised by the Prophets and the Lamb of God promised to Abraham.

Thank You.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


In prayer

Praying for him. :gopray:



My Brothers & Sisters:

Thank you for your fervent prayers. More urgent prayers are needed today…

I received this in my INBOX today:

At 5:30 am (Eastern), my father is slated to start surgery. We are told it will last “all day”. So … PLEASE, whenever you receive this note, recite a prayer and/or perform a special act of kindness in the merit of Yehuda ben (“son of”) Rivka. And ask others to do the same — orally or electronically.

Please understand that good works are viewed as a form of prayer in Orthodox Judaism.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


Kept in daily prayer…

Prayers :signofcross:

He is in my prayers.

Brothers And Sisters:

I received this today from Binyamin:

*It’s with terrible sadness that I must ask that those compassionate folks who have been praying and doing extra acts of kindness in the merit of my father, to stop. They are no longer necessary.

My father returned his soul to his Maker on Wednesday afternoon, July 11.

The funeral will be July 12 at 9:30 am at Sol Levinson Funeral Home near Baltimore. Within Judaism, there’s a mourning process and ritual known as “Shiva”.

In gratitude and friendship,
Binyamin L. Jolkovsky
Editor in Chief*

I thank you all for you prayers for the recovery of Yehuda ben Rivka. I ask that you pray that the Lord will send His Holy Angels to escort this good and decent man whose faith is known only to Him to His Kingdom where, “The Lamb is the light,” and “He shall wipe every tear from their eyes.”

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

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