Please pray for these seeking Mormon hearts


Last week, I spoke with a young Mormon woman who expressed dissatisfaction with her faith. Since her Grandmother, whom she loved very much, was Catholic, she has agreed to come to mass! She has a seeking heart.

My wife’s broken foot wouldn’t heal for months. The orthopedic doctor gave up and referred her to a podiatrist. During her first visit, the podiatrist revealed to her that he is Mormon, but realizes it is not the true faith for him and his children. He is considering conversion to Catholicism. That’s why her foot wouldn’t heal-she was sent to him!

Praise God! Please pray for us that we bear faithful witness, and for their conversions of heart. :thumbsup:

Christ’s peace.




Lord enlighten these people within these religions , such as Mormons , Jehovah’s witness etc . to know that Jesus is the truth , the life and the way . Thank you lord , in the name of Jesus , amen . Lead them to you Father as Catholic converts . Praise be to you lord !:thumbsup: Thank you lord , in the name of Jesus , amen . . John


Closed minded idiots.


Father bring these people to the light of your son Jesus and use us in any way possible.


:byzsoc:Prayers for those seeking the true God, and His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour.:byzsoc:


Praying for these intentions…


God bless all of you! Yustina, pyropam, Zooey and Sapphire for your pure hearts. John, you are a ROCK!




Praying for their conversion.


May these two souls find the fullness in our Lord Christ Jesus! Amen


May God richly bless all of you, who have spent time in prayer on behalf of two blessed souls seeking the truth. May the peace of Christ be with all of you-all the way to Tanzania!


Will keep in prayer




BarbaraTherese and mahleh, thank you so much for your prayer support. The Lord is causing Mormon (and other) hearts to seek the truth! Early Sunday morning, a married 20 year old woman in the Church of Christ (CoC) got into an on-line discussion with my 18 year old son on a game site. Since CoC are fundamentalists, she was originally very against the Catholic Church. Well, after trading a lot of scriptural questions and telling her the TRUTH about our faith, she has agreed to contact her local priest with a few questions and attend mass! Praise God! :thumbsup:


Heavenly Father,

We ask you to continue to call to those you would lead into Mother Church. Put them with those people who would teach them well and truthfully abt the glorious opportunities through the sacraments to receive your grace. It is always You who offers those options through each of us. May we always be ready to take the hand of someone who is seeking and guide them eagerly to a greater knowledge of you. Let us also ask for added wisdom for those working to assist these newcomers, wisdom to see Your hand in the entire thing. May those who see these newcomers and prospective candidates reflect on their own knowledge and seek to also increase as well.

Amen, Amen.


Praise God indeed:amen: …all our prayers including those of petition arise from The Holy Spirit who completes His Works, which is why we can be confident our prayers are always answered…


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