Please pray for these SFA parishioners in car accident


Please pray for this family involved in a tragic car accident. Two of their boys were killed. They attended St Francis of Assisi school in Vancouver, BC. Please pray for the souls of these boys and the third son who is in critical condition.

Thank you.


Praying for this family…


Dear DiggidyDog

Praying for the familiy in question.

God bless you


Praying for them.


Father have mercy on this family.
Help them to cope with the aftermath of this accident. Please give the parents strength and healing to go on despite their sadness and loss. Please grant healing to their eight year old and help him to overcome the loss of his brothers.
I ask, in Jesus’ name


I am continuing to pray … the deceased boys are Andrew and Matthew. Their brother Karl is in critical condition.

Please pray for their classmates as well. Here is an updated article:


Praying very hard for them. This breaks my heart!


Heartfelt prayers for them all. :gopray:


Dear God,
Please take the soul and spirit of Andrew and Matthew into the sweetest corner of Your mind, the most tender place in Your heart, that they might be comforted. I pray dear God for their family to have the strength to remember they have not gone far. For they are with You and shall remain so forever. The cord that binds us one to the other cannot be cut, surely not by death because we are all bound to You Lord. For You, dear God, have brought us together and we remain in eternal connection. There is no power greater than You. Death is not Your master, nor Andrew’s and Matthew’s… Help their family and friends to belive and register in their heart these things. May they surrender to You their grief. May they surrender to You their pain. Please take care of Your servants, Andrew and Matthew, who have passed. And please, dear Lord, take care of Karl who is in critical condition, restore him to health. Also take cae of their family and friends.


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