Please pray for this horse to get a home


I got a job feeding horses at a boarding stable and a thoroughbred mare that lives there, doesn’t get any attention from her owners, they stopped paying board, she is in need of vet care and a farrier(hooves are really overgrown). I try my best to give attention to her(i brush her when she is eating, that is the only reason why she isnt a mess) but she is very green and fears people unless they come with her food. My mom and I are trying to find a way to get her into a good home that can handle her.


Will say a special prayer to St. Anthony for her. :gopray2:


May your search be successful for God’s animals and a proper home be found soon. Bless your heart for caring.


Praying now!
With a intecessory prayer to St. Francis

Thank you for making her as comfortable as you can. It breaks my heart when animals are abused and/or neglected. :frowning:


Praying for the thoroughbred mare! May the Lord provide her with a good home.

~~ the phoenix


I will be praying for the horse to find a good and loving home and prayers for you and your kindness:crossrc:

God Bless…



Will pray for the horse, and also that people will start treating all of God’s creatures with more respect. It’s amazing how people get a “pet” and than quickly get tired of the responsibility of caring for them. :gopray:


I will pray for this creature of God, especially to St. Francis.


I pray that the horse will find a good home. We have to look after God’s creations. :crossrc:


Bad news, she is being evicted while I am away. We are going to try and buy her and put her on a waiting list for a reallly good horse rescue(which means i will have a horse for 6 months). She is not the type of horse that would end up in a good home, New Holland auctions(a lot of horses go to slaughter from there) is close by, and that is where she would likely go :frowning: .

Please continue praying for her, I’ll keep you guys updated on how her situation is going.


I will continue to keep her in my prayers and please let us know what happens. Prayers to you too for your kindness to this innocent animal.:gopray:



How sad! My dd takes horse lessons at a big horse farm and I can’t imagine people owning something like a horse and abandoning it. There is obviously no respect for their life as animals. You have my prayers for this horse to find a good home. God Bless you for caring and taking care of her or him. St Francis pray for a good owner for this horse. I pray for you also.


We are probably going to court. Right now my boss is going to go for custody(sp) and apparently we will buy the horse(by paying off the board fees, more than the horse is worth) from him. I never expected my dad wanting a horse(particularly this horse), or any other pet. Once we get her we are going to get her vet care and start halter(she is afraid of halters and lead ropes) and ground training, apparently several other boarders offered help with training.:slight_smile: I always expected getting a fat polish arabian(or anglo arabian) mare(i love arabian horses), who was a good childs pony(or a former lesson horse), when I was out of college and had a good job, not a green thouroghbred, who is taller than me and before college. If worse comes to worse she will be put on the rescue’s waiting list. Everything is happening so quickly.


St Francis of Assisi, intercede for this horse, that all may go well in her finding a home.


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